Car Turbo Charger Manufacturers In Antrim, Northern Ireland

Welcome to the Turbo Shack

With over 20 years of experience in turbos, vehicle software, engineering and diagnostics, we really are a one-stop shop.

We offer the following services:


  • Turbocharger parts/Actuator parts

    (please contact us with the part number of your turbo to check availability)

  • Turbocharger rebuild/repair

  • Turbocharger fitting service

  • VSR balancing

  • VNT/Actuator setting testing

  • The sale of new turbochargers and turbo parts

  • Custom building of hybrid turbochargers

  • Repairs to electronic actuators


  • Remapping of the engine and gearbox ecus

    (various vehicles, from cars and vans to trucks and tractors)

  • Economy remaps

    (for increasing the mpg of your vehicle)

  • DPF solutions

  • EGR solutions

  • Stage 1 and custom maps

  • DTC/ Fault code delete

  • Add Blue solutions


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Ashley Graham

I would highly recommend the turbo shack few weeks ago phone them up as my A3 was in need of a turbo and it was just laying at the house phoned up and explained to them and they where more that happy to help told me to get the car down to them and had the car ready within a no time for me and that not the first turbo they done I phoned up on Monday for my grandad as his turbo needed done he went down yesterday with the turbo to get it rebuilt and he was told to hold on and they will have it done very shortly and had it done for him within the half hour brilliant team so it is points you in the right way and keeps you a ease too so highly highly recommend without a doubt.

Turbo Charger Specialists in Antrim

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