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Turbo Rebuilds

Not all turbochargers require replacements, we can often rebuild your turbocharger with our servicing option. By rebuilding your turbo we can restore your turbo back to original specification.

As part of the rebuild process, we strip, inspect, clean, replace all seals and bearings before rebuilding and then re-balancing your turbo unit. All our turbochargers are built either to or greater than O.E specification and are balanced using our VSR machines at speeds of over 250,000 RPM.


All our turbo chargers are balanced on our Turbo Technics vsr balancing machine Actuators are set using one of our actuator/vnt setting tools

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Sticking VNT

We find that many customers making use of our rebuild service have issues with sticking VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine Assembly) often if a VNT type turbocharger becomes carbonised the "vanes" which are the flaps inside the turbocharger that regulate the exhausts gases in the turbine housing, this in-turn spools the shaft, the vanes are operated by the actuator. If the Nozzle Assembly sticks this can cause boost faults and give you an intermittent power issue.

We offer a large range of turbo upgrades, we have listed some of our most common upgrades here. We also offer bespoke turbo upgrades feel free to contact us

Performance Bearings

It is the bearings job to support the radial and thrust loads of the turbocharger, in a journal bearing type turbocharger it does this through a process called hydrodynamic lubrication, a process whereby fluid (oil in this instance) is fed through the bearings oil galleries to create a thin film of oil that the shaft sits or floats on, this stops any friction which is important as some turbine shafts spin up to 250,000 RPM.

The 360 degree thrust bearing is a must have addition when looking at a performance upgrade. It allows for heavier thrust loads due to its higher surface area compared to the older 270 spec. We offer this with all hybrid options but also as a complimentary upgrade on all K03 turbochargers, these bearings have been designed specifically for endurance and reliability.

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360 Thrust Bearing

We offer multiple options when it comes to upgrading a turbochargers compressor side. This usually consists of machining the compressor cover and installing a larger compressor wheel. When you take advantage of an upgrade with us you also gain access to a variety of compressor wheel specifications, these include the much desired Billet performance compressor wheel.

The Billet wheel uses an aerospace grade aluminium compound to produce a stronger yet lighter replacement for its cast counterpart. It's now also available in the 11 blade configuration which allows for better air contact, faster spool and efficiency than the standard 6 - 7 blade wheels in the lower rev ranges and means it's most beneficial to the daily car user.

Turbine Upgrades

On selected units we also offer turbine upgrades they allow for greater airflow on specific builds (which under other circumstances could become bottle necked due to a disproportionate compressor wheel size). A larger turbine increases the turbochargers overall power through relying on flow rather than just pressure.

Depending on the configuration, cutting back your turbine blades can increase your boost threshold and reduce back pressure, this allows for a faster shaft speed at the cost of some lag (Something to take into account while mapping, tweaks can be done to alleviate this.) Greater flow allows for more power and reduce back pressure means a lower turbine temperature. This is done in-house with our high tech precision machinery.

What to Expect?
We aim to offer an excellent service and a quick turn around and this includes our hybrids and upgraded units too, we usually have an upgraded turbocharger ready within a working week (providing you have an OE unit and don't require unexpected parts)


Hybrid Turbos

All of our upgraded turbochargers come with performance thrust bearings. We take pride in making strong and reliable turbochargers, this is done by using the best quality parts and our many years of engineering experience.

Through a range of tried and tested techniques we can increase the performance of your turbocharger and with the correct supporting modifications and mapping it is possible to see power increases of at least 20%, Assembly sticks can cause boost faults and give you an intermittent power issue.

Car Turbo Charger Suppliers in Antrim

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